Business and Internet: Moving Your Systems Online

Some time ago, a person asked me to develop some software for his company. He needed a management system. He didn’t want an out-of-the-box system, he wanted something that resembled perfectly the way his company worked. The sales process involved salesmen travelling different states. I still remember his surprise when I suggested implementing the system over a web based platform. He had never before thought of the company using the web for anything else than email and the institutional website. As he wasn’t totally convinced, we decided to implement one online module first, and then gradually move the rest of the operations online. He agreed, and it worked great. However, it does not mean that it will work great in all cases. It is necessary to analyze the company business process, and consider whether moving the systems online will be beneficial or not. In business, as you know, it is essential to make the right moves.

Let’s have a look at the advantages the web offers:

1) Reach your systems from anywhere in the world

It doesn’t matter if you are at your office or travelling far away. If you have Internet access, you can login to your company system and work or check reports. This is very important if you travel often, or some employees do. In the case of the salesmen I mentioned before, moving the system online provided a way for them to directly load the sales sheets from their home or a hotel.

2) Easy to use

If you know how to use a browser, you know how to use the system. The system is easy to learn, using it is much like surfing the web. It is an advantage when new personnel needs to be trained.

3) No infraestructure needed

All you need is a web server where to locate your system, and computers with Internet access. For small businesses, even the same hosting package you have for your institutional website may be enough. Your online system will be a private, password protected area of the website.

4) Modular development

It is easy to develop systems in a modular way, adding new pages gradually.

5) Different technologies available to build your system

Nowadays, there are many different programming languages and database engines you can pick from to implement a web based system. You can go with an open source solution, for example using Php and MySQL; or you can decide to implement using ASP.NET and SQLServer. Which configuration you choose will depend on your particular needs, personal preference and budget.

6) Centralized updates

When the system is updated, all you have to do is upload the changed or new pages to the server.

7) New services for employees, customers and suppliers

The online system allows you to offer new services to your employees, like distance training. You can also add services for your customers and suppliers, incorporating them to your business process. You could allow customers to view their bills online, for example, or query the status of their orders. You could allow suppliers to view their payment status or you could even implement a way to load orders to your suppliers systems automatically. The possibilities are endless.

When you suggest an online system to a company, the typical drawback is about security. There are ways to make the system safe. Sensible data can be encrypted in the database. The system scripts can be encrypted themselves. The whole system must be password protected, and passwords should be stored encrypted. So only someone knowing the right combination of user and password would be able to get into the system. Users should be instructed to change their passwords every now and then, and never write down their username and password together. If you are highly concerned about having the system on a remote server, you could even have a server in-house. Although this will imply you need to have someone able to manage and maintain this server working.

Should you move your business system online? Well, this is a question that can’t be answered without knowing your particular needs. But it is highly probable that it will be beneficial for your company if you at least move certain parts of your business process online. If you are not sure, try picking one aspect of your business and implement it. You can then check how it goes, and decide if you will keep moving more processes online. My experience tells that more business aspects are being moved to web based systems every day.

Online Business Systems – Do They Work?

Online Business Systems – Do they work and how efficient are they?

Since work at home jobs become more and more in demand every day, many different types of online business systems have been improved to help the rising demand. I am an entrepreneur online and I have encountered many challenges in operating some online business systems.

To begin an online venture can be simple but standing out among others is quite challenging. I have tried many different online systems. Let me tell you my story.

The online business systems of years ago were not very efficient compared to what we have now. I am an e-book vendor online and I needed writers and promoters who can help me sell my books. I went through the net and found various ways to post my need for employees. Back then, there were few online stores available so I had to find more ways to sell my books.

It was hard, I tell you. Looking back, I could not imagine how I did it, but I did with effort and patience. The generations of today are lucky to have very effective and efficient business online systems wherein they can do business much easily and faster than ever before.

Moreover, I remember I had a hard time looking for employees because of a lack of applicants. Many jobseekers were afraid of scams. Well, back then, online job scams were very frequent. Hundreds of online job seekers were being discouraged because of the scams they experienced. Right now, more online business systems have found ways to screen online jobs and the applicants more securely. This is so to provide credibility and assurance to job applicants.

Jenny, a good friend of mine said she has tried applying for a job. She was very happy because she got hired. Unfortunately, after a month when she was already about to get her first salary, the employer suddenly became awol – no replies, idle Skype and the site became idle as well. Jenny got so frustrated she even discouraged me into going online and looking for work. But I still wanted to continue my dream. I never stopped despite all the rough times I had to go through.

After 2007, slowly online business systems became faster and more efficient. I was surprised that there were more and more online retailers; more and more sites opened up and online jobs were increasing. I found out in a report that online experts and enthusiasts have found ways to improve the systems due to more innovations in technology and software.

You see folks,normally the unemployment rate increases each year but with the help of work at home jobs, it is becoming less so. The economy also improved for most countries. The recession affected so many economies but with the advancement of online business systems, lives have become better.

Right now, I sit in my home office, thinking – Life is so good. This time, for me, online business opportunities have become so convenient, my life has also became so much easier. I could just smile looking back and thank God that I did not give up during the hard times. I feel very blessed today. I have more than three businesses online. I am earning more than what I need by just sitting and clicking.

I encourage the generation of today to try working online. Experience the comfort of having to earn thousands of dollars while at home; take comfort in the fact that these systems have become more competent and secure than ever before.

If you want to know how effective online business systems have been, check Google or better yet try your own online business and discover for yourself.

Learn About the #1 Online Home Based Business System Trap and How to Escape it

The biggest trap people fall into with starting an online home based business is to spend way too much time on the setting up process and not enough time on the productive activities. Over thinking the online home based business system will get you no where fast, except broke. Taking this approach only delays your progress and undermines your success. When you buy into a one of the better online home based business systems you should also receive some technical support. New business systems can be very time consuming and a bit overwhelming. Break it into steps and learn as you go. I found learning as a user to be very affective and time efficient.

Focus on the marketing tools first with what ever online home based business system you select. Then implement those to start the cash flow coming in. Let the plan be working for you as you are setting up your goals, dreams and aspirations, rather than falling into the trap of learning the plan first. Do not get caught up in hours upon hours of listen and learn calls. Limit and set time aside for these. An hour a day is probably sufficient. Spend the rest of your time producing prospects or potential clients for your business.

Choose one productive activity at a time. It is very easy to get caught up in the trap of trying to do it all at once and then accomplishing nothing. Stay focused on one task at a time until you have mastered it. Keep the one task mentioned above, going, and then add the next productive task. Each marketing task needs ninety days to build momentum. This way you build your momentum at a manageable rate and also accomplish the learning curve as you go. Most people give up before the first ninety days is completed.

I am speaking from experience. I have fallen into this trap myself. I made all of these mistakes with the first internet business I started. I truly never made any money with it and I eventually, gave up. You must go into a online home based business with an attitude of determination that your efforts are going to make you money. The biggest trap people fall into is to spend too much time on the setting up process and not enough time on the productive activities. No matter what new business endeavor you embark on there is going to be a learning curve but the most important thing to remember is productive time first, set up along the way or as you progress. The goal is to create a new income stream. Keep your eye on the goal!

Online Business Systems, Why Some Work and Some Don’t?

In today’s economy, almost everyone is looking for a way to increase their income. It could be because you lost your job or you may have been demoted, your credit cards might be all maxed out. Whatever your reason is, it is a very difficult time right now for almost everybody. So now you are looking at online business systems. You may have some or no experience in the subject but you need extra income. Well, join the club as millions of people are planning to start an online business but only 3% will succeed. That means 97% will fail in their venture.

People will fail in their online business for many reasons. It can be because the company they chose does not have a good product to sales or a high demand for that product. Someone might have joined an MLM like Away or Herbalife only to find out that they had to go sell to their family and friends to be successful and it is not easy to do that. Some other reason can be the lack of support from your online business or the lack of sale support. The training might not be up to par or very complex and too hard to comprehend.

The number one reason people fail with their online business system is simple, IT IS YOU. What do you mean you are probably asking. It is simple, ask yourself a few simple questions, why are looking to increase your income? Is it really important for you to be successful? Are you committed to your success? Are you willing to learn and do whatever it takes for you to be successful? If you can’t answer these questions with concrete answers, you have to ask yourself why would you invest your hard earn money only to quit a few months later. Building a business takes time, just ask any self made millionaire. You must work very hard and be dedicated to your success no matter what your results might be at first. There is no get rich quick skim out there. If someone tells you you can make a $100.000 next month, they are lying to you. No business, successful business is built that quickly.

Once you know you are committed to your success, there are a few things you should look for when you research which online business opportunity you should invest your money. First, look at the income potential. Some companies will offer you 25% or even 50% commissions but 50% of $50 is only $25. I would recommend you get involve with a company where you can make $100+ per commission, even a $1,000 commission per sale. Next, look at the time you need to invest. If you have to invest more than 10-15 hours a week, depending on your situation, it probably is too much. After, can you run your online business system from anywhere? Is there proof of the results? How many testimonies are they offering you? Is it just one or two or do you have option to many? How complicated is the online business system? Do you need to be computer savvy? Do you need experience in marketing? Check those out before you make your decision.

Investing in your future by starting your online business is an extremely important decision. If you would like to learn more about online business systems and how you can make money, visit

Online Business Systems are For All Ages

I just recently read an article about a man who is 62 years young. He was retired and had all the time in the world. He had an opportunity to start his own online business. Since he had all the time in the world, you would think this would be a great opportunity. His answer was “I am too old for this”. After reading the article again and taking time to think about his statement, I could not help to think that only one of two things could be true here. Either this person just was making up excuses because he really did not want to start an online business or the people around him placed that idea that he was too old. I really felt bad for him because I may be witnessing another case of someone surrounded by the wrong people. People that never want to see anyone around them get better than they are.

Whatever the real reason for this man was, I am here to tell you that you can start your own online business system no matter if you are 20, 40, 60 or even 80 years of age. Ask yourself why should they be a limit. All you need is a computer, internet access and some hard work. From there, it is up to you. Now for beginners, they will be a learning curve but just like any new job, you must go through training. No successful companies out there will let you start without proper training so the only difference here is you monitor your own training. You decide how much you need and there you go. Don’t let your age be your roadblock to your own success.

If you use your age as the deciding point for you to start your own online business system, you could possibly miss out on a six figure income, may be even seven figures. I have read many real testimonies from people of all ages and the successes they had with different companies they joined. The money is there to be made. Why would you want to use your age as a reason for not making your share of the pot?

Now it would be easy for anyone to use a multitude of reasons why they should not start their own online business but make sure you don’t use your age as the reason. Time might be your next restraint but keep in mind that as I am writing this article, I also own and operate and 1.1 million dollar restaurant. I am married and I have 2 beautiful children, 3 and 5 years of age. It is all about a mindset. Just like the word says, if you set your mind to do something, you will do it, if you set your mind that you can’t do something, well you know what will happened.

If you decide not to start your own online business system because you think you are too old or too young, or you don’t have the time. Ask yourself why you feel that way? What are your real obstacles to get started? If you don’t get started now, where are you going to be a year from now? 5 years from now? Can you leave with that? If the answer is NO, then find the solution to why you feel that way, fix it and get started. If the answer is yes, then I will see you when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired to live the same life.

Starting your own online business is extremely exciting. The idea of firing your boss in a few months, the trips you will be able to afford, being able to pay for college for your kids and basically, the idea of not worry about money is just great. Don’t think you will make money by just signing up with any companies. It will require hard work and dedication. Only a select few are able to make a lot of money in a short period of time, a lot of entrepreneurs can make a six figure income a year after a lot of hard work. If you are willing to work hard, if you are dedicated and you want to learn how to start your own online business, visit