Online Business Systems, What Do You Look For?

In this economy, more and more people are searching for an answer for their financial situation. A lot of people have lost their job and they are looking for ways to replace their income one way or another. Most people typically try to get quote “a job in the workplace”. Unfortunately, there are less and less jobs that pays a decent salary today. So that leaves people like you and me looking for other ways to replace your income. A lot of people are looking at online business or home bases business. There are some online business systems out there that are very successful and with some diligent research, you can find a source of income that may replace some of your income, may be even all of your income where you are able to start to work from home.

You can choose from a multitude of online businesses. Like I mentioned before, you must do a diligent research so you can find a reputable company. There are so many companies out there that would love for you to join and give them you’re hard earn money. There are the tradional MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, and Malaleuca. They are also companies that are not MLM companies but once you join, you realize they are an MLM company and there is the direct sales companies. MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife offer very good products for you to sale. The problem for me was that I had to recruit my family, friends and people I know to make money. Personally, that was not for me as I would prefer sale to a stranger than my family. The companies you must be careful with are usually the ones that will tell you they are not an MLM but once you get in, you will find that you have to call your family and friends. You will find out really quickly that they are not who they say they are. You might even have problems getting your money back.

They are many things you should look for in an online business. When you communicate with them, are they trying to sell you on what they do, and how good it has been for them or are they selling you on how good it could be for you. What is the difference, well, when you are in business; it is about what you do for others that matters, not the other way around. If you are in business for yourself, and not for your customer, you will not be in business very long.

How is the support system? Is there a sales support system? Are you let out to dry once you join? This is the 2nd part you should look at very closely. Is your sponsor responding to your questions as fast as they did before you joined the online business? If you start having to call a 2nd time or even a 3rd time before you get return phone call after you joined, you are in trouble. It is not going to get better and it is time to get out.

The training you received is the next item you should look for. Is everything very well planned and easy to follow? Is the system complex or easy to follow? Without proper training, most people will fail so after you join double check all the training available to you.

The last piece of the puzzle is you. What I mean is, are you really committed to make a better life for yourself? Why are you doing this? What are your reasons? Are they good enough for you to follow through so you are a successful online businessman or are you going to quit after a few months? These are very important questions you must ask yourself and answer very honestly. 97% of people who start an online business quit or fail. The reason they fail is either they join the wrong online business system, may be they did not have the proper support or most important, they were not committed to their success. They did not see any results shortly after they started and they quit. Remember, Rome was not built in a day, it took a long time, so is building your online business.

I hope this really help you in your search for the right online business system!

Identifying the Right Online Business System For You

If you run a search for online business system on Google or Yahoo!, you will be instantaneously provided with hundreds of resource pages on the topic. But the real challenge is in identifying the one that answers your needs and aspirations perfectly. The following discussion aims at helping you find the right one for you.

What does the system talk about?

When you look at the system closely, in most cases you will notice that the so called proven systems often talks at great length about the author’s own business system and gives very little clues about what your business system should be or how you should design one. On the other hand, when you find more value for you and your business, you should get deeper and understand whether that particular system is adaptable to your business.

Is there value in the system?

In some of the web sites you will find that all the tall claims finally lead to empty shells and much of the real stuff is tucked away elsewhere. Possibly that is a bait for you to pick up an e-book or register for a paid membership or things like that. The values of the system should be clearly defined before you decide to take the plunge and put in your money to learn more.

Does it provide the right tools?

The most important component of an online business system are the tools. Therefore, the business system you choose should provide or give reference to the tools required to build a successful business. Without the right tools, the system cannot be as good as it should be and cannot produce the desired results.

Building Any Online Business Systems on a Budget

Every time I hear a story like this, I always chuckle. Many celebrities had to start somewhere just like you and me. For example Danny Devito was a hair stylist before he started on Taxi or Jennifer Anniston worked as telemarketers and a server prior to becoming a big celebrity. For each famous person, there is a story like this behind. Remember, these people are just like you and me. For me, I worked in restaurant for 10+ years prior to becoming an entrepreneur.

How does it relate to you and me and online business systems? Every day, many people visit my website and they ask the same question. Ghyslain, I am a brand new entrepreneur, I don’t have much money for advertising if any, I need to make cash quickly, where do I start?

It is important that you know you are not at a disadvantage because of your limited budget. The amount of budget you have to invest only becomes an issue if your start spending like somebody that does not have a budget but let’s stick to what you can do on a strict budget.

What is common between new online business owners? They spend all the funds they have into getting leads, Pay Per Clicks, sending postcard etc. Now that strategy is great is you are an establish entrepreneur making money already but for a new comer, if you don’t make a sale on at least one of your leads, you will be back at beginning without anything to show for. You must manage your advertising dollars very carefully and leverage it as best as you can.

What any new online business owner on a budget needs is a system or strategy that could possibly bring a 6 to 7 figure income over the next year or two?

To start, what we need to do is to leverage our time and money into activities that we can use to generate leads anytime you want and the key is here, generating leads for FREE. With the improvement made to the internet, generating leads today is lot easier than a few years ago when you had to be a search engine expert and had to spend a lot of money. Social Media like Facebook, MySpace and YouTube etc. makes it a lot easier to drive traffic anywhere you want to.

Once you did that, you can start article marketing. Article marketing is a very good way to let people know about what you and what you are doing. There are many free article distribution sites online today.
Press releases are also a very good way to advertise for free. It is a short version of your article to let more people know about your online business. Many free distribution sites are also available online for you to use.

There are more ways to advertise for free or very inexpensive ways to do so. Advertising your online business systems is probably the most important part of your business. The more people know about what you are doing, the more likely you will make a sale. Be wise and leverage your time, skills and money in those activities at first until you start getting results. Later, when your budget starts growing, you can start spending more on your advertising.

Online Business Systems – Increase Your Productivity and Profits Using Effective Time Management

When an individual decides to use an online business system to make money on the Internet working less time per day is usually one of the motivators for their decision. I know it was for me. Who wouldn’t like to have more time to spend on themselves family and friends. The problem with this is that there is so much to learn, so many daily tasks to fulfill and so much new information to keep up with when it come to running an Internet business system.

This causes a lot of Internet business owners to find themselves working many more hours than with a regular 40 – 60 hour a week job. This can cause many to become discouraged and ultimately give up. Don’t let this happen to you. If you find yourself overwhelmed with not enough time in the day to properly operate your online business then examine the valuable time management techniques below to help increase your effectiveness as well as profits.

It may not be the huge amount of work or information that is stretching your day out to ultra-long hours but how you are man ageing your time. When it come to time management and your online business system besides the basics of making sure you eat correctly, exercise and get enough sleep the are other things you must do.

1. Have an overall master plan and more decisive detailed plan.

Set your self up an overall master plan that will help you define what it is you will need to accomplish, and how much time you wail give yourself to do it. It should be set up to outline the entire timetable of the project you want to complete from start to finish. This master plan should show your time allotment of each particular task to your goal to complete on a week to week basis. For example, 1 week for task 1, week for task 2, 2 weeks for task 3 and so on. The benefit of this exercise is to let you know what needs to be done next and how much time you have to do it. It will also help you stick with a task until it is completed.

While the master plan is a week to week plan the detailed plan is based on a day-to-day schedule. It should be set up before each days work and consist of each task to be completed that day and a time limit allowed for it. for example work task 1 for 15 min, task 2 for 30 min, task 3 for 60 min and so on. This will give you direction so that you will get the most out of your work day.

2. Learn to focus

Learn to focus on the task at hand. If you give yourself 2 hours to accomplish a task don’t let any thing come in between you and it’s completion. That means you have to eliminate all distractions such as phone calls or unnecessary web surfing.

3. Stick with one task

It is important to stick with one scheduled task until it is complete. Don’t get in a habit of jumping from one task to another. Avoid multi-tasking as this will lead to an unproductive work day.

4. Use allotted time

Give yourself a certain amount of time to complete a daily task and stick to it. If you should run out of time before it is done set apart time for the next day to get the task finished. This way your overall master plan will stay in tact.

5. Be organized

Using an online business system calls for use of a lot of different kinds of information. Being organized with such information can save you enormous amounts of time. Knowing where the information is and how to get to it quickly is key. While there are elaborate software that can be purchased to assist you in organizing your valuable information you can begin by correctly labeling your storage folders and files on your computer in an appropriate manner. Don’t forget to back-up your important information and files, folders and programs associated with your online business system losing this information will not only prove time-consuming but disastrous to your overall master plan.

Above are five time management techniques you can start using immediately to not only leave you more time for other things but increase your productivity as well as your Internet business profits.

10 Commandments of Online Business Systems

You want to make money online. You tried different companies but you were not successful. Many companies claimed to offer the solution to your financial freedom but after trying out; you saw the real truth about the company and realize you were not to become financially free. After spending endless hours trying and investigating the different types of internet marketing companies out there, I came up with the 10 commandments you should follow when you invest your hard earn money in an online company. Let’s take them one by one and break them down.

PRODUCTS: The product ultimately might be the most important part. The product can affect you in different ways. For instance, let’s say you have a great products but the demand is very low, what happens? What if you have a great product but your customers can get a similar product somewhere else for cheaper, not good either. If you have a poor product than you know what happens. You need a product that is a great product and there is a high demand for that type of product also.

TRAINING: If you are like me or most people, you don’t have the knowledge to start marketing or recruiting on your own. You need training. It is very important that the company you sign up with has very good training materiel and it is easy to follow. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see this until after you sign up.

SUPPORT: Do they have a support system? The person you sign up with, are they available to you? If they are not there, who is there to help you? You may say, why wouldn’t they be there, well unfortunately, some people are out there just to get your money and once your signed up, you will be on your own.

SALES SUPPORT: Just as marketing and recruiting, most people are not good at selling. It takes a special skill that takes time to develop. So at first, you will need help closing the sales on the leads you get. Who is there to help you? Find a company that will be there to help you make those sales especially at first when you are learning.

INCOME POTENTIAL: This is extremely important. Some companies will attract you with we pay 25% commission or even 50% commission. Think about it, most companies offer products at $20-$100. How many sales a month will you need to make to become financially free? Find a company that you only need to make a few sales a month that will make you financially free.

TIME: Most of us have a full time job and families and do not have a lot of extra time. The reason you don’t have a 2nd full time job is because it is almost just impossible to work both of them. It is the same thing with your investment into an online business system. If you have to work more than 10-15 hours a week to see results in a few months period of time, you will never get results.

COMPUTER AND MARKETING EXPERT: It is important you need to know this if you are not an expert. The online business system you are working on has to be simple and easy to follow. If you need to be an expert at one or the other or worst both, think of your learning curve before you can be financially free.

TESTIMONIES: There always will be some for each company. Read or if they have video, really listen to them. Where are they coming from? Do they have any similar traits as yours. Did they have to start from scratch? And last, how many is there? If there is only a few Testimonies, than look for another company. Find one that has many testimonies. You need a lot of examples to know that a lot of people can be successful not just the people at the top.

COMMITMENTS: This is going to be the one I think is the most important Commandment. Do you know 97% will fail making money online. That means only 3% will succeed. Why such a high ratio? Unfortunately, most people are not committed to their own success. Now, they could have failed because of one of the reasons above. But most people quit because they don’t see results fast enough. They are not patient. You need intelligent patience in this business. You have to understand that you will not build a successful business in a few months. Some people will but they a lot of good things going for them like a lot of money to invest or a lot of prior experience. You have to commit to 6 months to a year if you start from the bottom to start seeing good results. Remember, be committed, just like you are committed to your boss being successful and you will be successful.

SELL YOU: Is the company trying to sell you? Are telling what they could do to help you achieve your financial freedom? It is two different things. A company has to be about helping others. If they are not than they are in it for them and what you could do for them, just like your boss. Find a company that is interested in your success, not the other way around.

These are my 10 Commandments to a good online business system. Whatever you choose to do to achieve financial freedom, please make you sure you do your diligence and be committed to your own success. Remember, this is for your financial freedom and your family. If you would like to see how 1,000’s of people have achieve financial freedom, visit